What is the full range of Smart Data Solutions' and Smart Data Stream's products and services?

Does SDS perform 5010 conversions on claims? ICD-10?

Does SDS perform fax processing?

Does SDS provide services for electronic attachment submission?

Does SDS provide services for Medicare Med-Sup Cross Connect?

Does SDS perform PPO Routing?

Does SDS perform Mandatory Insurer Reporting (MIR)?

Does SDS provide portals for multiple user groups?

Does SDS perform claim payment, EOB processing and/or EOMB processing?

What is MemberMatch and how does it help with eligibility criteria analysis?

Does SDS perform Provider File Matching and have a PFM system?

Does SDS provide real-time reporting?


What do Smart Data Solutions' mailroom services include?

What are the options for getting my claim documents to SDS’ mailroom?

Can SDS’ mailroom handle non-claim correspondence like appeals, member reimbursements, requests for payment, Medicaid reclamation, flu shots, etc.?

How are documents sorted in SDS’ mailroom?

Does SDS scanning include automated document control number (DCN) assignment?

How long does SDS hold originals for and how are they destroyed?

Does SDS mailroom offer outbound print and mail services?

How are dental film x-rays handled? What about paper x-ray images?

OCR/Data Capture

What is SDS's data capture and data entry workflow?

Can Smart Data handle EOB attachments?

How does SDS run quality control checks on all claims?

What types of edits and reject conditions are in place? Does SDS work off a base edit and reject conditions template?

Will we have the ability to review claims in question to determine next step?


What clearinghouse and EDI products and services does Smart Data Stream offer?

Who owns the payer ID?

What are Smart Data Solutions and Smart Data Stream's quality control measures?

If I terminate my current clearinghouse and migrate to SDS, will rejected claims that get sent to current clearinghouse be dropped to paper? How does SDS manage this?

What types of transactions does Smart Data support?

Does Smart Data offer a direct provider portal for providers to use?

What file extracts does SDS need from the payer to begin implementing CORE compliance transactions?

Claims Management

What form types does SDS provide a claim workflow for?

We’re looking to automate our manual workflows such as matching of member and provider, repricing of a claim, etc. Does SDS help with that?

Does Smart Data offer image archiving and retrieval?

BeneQuick Enrollment

Does SDS provide enrollment solutions?


What type of security and IT infrastructure is in place at Smart Data?

What disaster recovery and business continuity systems are in place?

How do Smart Data Solutions and Smart Data Stream stay current with federal regulations?

What does the implementation process look like? What can we expect, and how does SDS support it?

What is Smart Data’s requirement for customer support in terms of response time and resolution?