Automated Document Triage

What is Machine Learning?

Machine learning applies artificial intelligence to provide systems the ability to automatically learn and improve from experience without being explicitly programmed. With our machine learning capabilities, SDS is able to offer automated classifications of documents.

Machine Learning Infographic

Model Metrics

Our models are continually monitored for precision and automation rates. With our audits, we are able to update models using feedback from the results of current workflows. This continuous learning process allows for any changes in the workflow to be integrated into the machine learning models.


The benefits of the machine learning approach are numerous, but arguably, the most important is that it is more consistent, more accurate and faster than human reviewers. This eliminates staffing, scaling, and production management challenges while offering a continuous improvement model.

Other SDS Automated Automation Capabilities

Smart Data Solutions has many other automation capabilities including the ability to parse and use any necessary data for processes like automated member indexing, automated claim and authorization matching. Other automation capabilities can detect priority needs and tone, such as urgent or escalated correspondence, and angry versus cordial tone. We are constantly updating and looking to add more capabilities to our automation suite.