Mailroom Management

Smart Data Solutions has been a leader in mailroom management for almost 20 years. The Smart Data Mailroom is a trusted partner for over 100 healthcare payer clients. Our HIPAA compliant facility based out of Eagan, MN is adjacent to our IT and Corporate headquarters. This allows our technical and operational staff to work very effectively reducing implementation and testing cycles for our clients. From intake, document prep, scanning, document storage, onsite destruction, and outbound mail, we can handle it all. We handle the most complex document sorts and identification cost effectively.

Mailroom Outsourcing

Rising healthcare costs have led to health insurance companies needing to streamline claims intake workflows to ensure a long-term, cost effective solution. Our focus is on helping payers outsource their mailroom to achieve the results necessary to remain competitive in today’s market.

The challenges with running a mailroom internally include:

  • Real-estate space
  • Manual processes
  • Equipment cost
  • High labor cost
  • High expense toward non core competency

Form Types / Non-claim Docs

  • Medical Claims
  • Dental Claims
  • Rx Claims
  • Non-Standard Claims
  • Secondary Claims (EOB/EOMB)
  • Flexible Spending Account Reimbursements
  • Roster Billing
  • Enrollment Applications
  • Superbills
  • Member reimbursements
  • Request for payments
  • Medicaid Reclamation

Mail Sort Capabilities

We are able to process any mailroom sort as designated by the client. Our most complex client conducts over 170 claim sorts. Although they are a special case, we are able to handle their needs. Note that many times we are able to automate the sorts on the back end through data based sorts. Mailroom employees do not leave for the day until production is complete.

Another mailroom service to consider is the processing of “white mail” (other documents received at the PO Box, such as doctors notes, collateral and correspondence.) White-mail can be sorted by Smart Data staff prior to return or scan. Clients often categorize how they would like white-mail sorted and scanned and then set-up work queues so that client personnel can enter the system and process the white-mail accordingly. All of these processes and decisions are discussed during the implementation.

Getting Images to SDS?

Payers have 4 options for getting claim images to Smart Data. The options are:

  1. Open up a new PO box with Smart Data and claims go to that PO Box at Smart Data’s mailroom in Eagan Minnesota
  2. Keep your current PO box, and auto-forward it so the claims are re-routed to Smart Data’s mailroom
  3. Continue receiving claims at your mailroom. Box the envelopes or claims up and overnight to Smart Data’s mailroom
  4. Continue receiving claims at your mailroom and scan the image over to Smart Data. SDS will provide you with proprietary scanning interface that automates image transfer over to SDS where we begin the OCR / data capture process

According to our Clean Desk Policy, all mail that we receive is scanned and processed the same day as it is received.

Dental X-Ray Scanning

Managing dental attachments such as film x-ray and printed x-rays are labor intensive and expensive. Additionally, ensuring the x-rays are hitched to the corresponding claim image is imperative for process efficiency for your users.

Smart Data can take in film x-rays and automate the scanning and hitching of the x-ray to the corresponding claim image. Then we archive the claim image and the x-ray image in our system for your analysts to access. Printed x-rays are common as well, and we have the ability to apply higher resolution gray scale to them to ensure higher clarity

Reject letters

Our clients goal is to receive good clean data that will auto-adjudicate. We help achieve this outcome by automating the rejection process for the payer. Payers are able to customize their reject conditions and Smart Data will print and mail reject letters to providers on the payers letterhead. This allows the payer to only receive clean 837’s at their front door, while automating the rejects communication.

HIPAA Compliance

All mail that we receive is processed in our HIPAA compliant facility. We have restricted access into our facility which is monitored by security cameras and provide 24-hour video surveillance. All of our employees must pass background checks prior to working in the mailroom and all guests must sign an NDA and remain in the company of an SDS employee. We even have weekly on-sight document destruction so we never have any PHI that leaves our facility.

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