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Smart Data Solutions recognizes that P&C organizations deal with complex claims that require a wide range of information intake.  The ability to streamline the intake of paper, fax, email and EDI can have a direct impact on productivity, outcomes, and the bottom line. We help overcome payers’ challenges by leveraging form ID tools, industry leading data capture, and our flexible workflow solution.

Smart Data Solutions a trusted partner to both Payers and Providers. More automation equals increased staff productivity, improved claim accuracy, a shortened claim cycle and reduced expenses.

Complete Front End Support

Our automated Workers’ Compensation and P&C services can help you save time and money by streamlining your entire “front-end” operations. Our solutions handle:

  • Medical bills and attachments
  • Legal documents
  • Receipts
  • Acknowledgement letters
  • Checks
  • Correspondence, etc.

Whether it’s coming to you electronically, or as paper, email, or faxed images, Smart Data Solutions can eliminate costly and time intensive steps. Our process employs rigorous quality standards to ensure that each document or electronic file is managed accurately.

Ebills & eAttachments

Not all clearinghouse solutions are the same. Especially when it comes to the Workers Compensation and the P&C market. Smart Data Solutions understands the unique requirements:

  • eAttachment support – multiple options for your providers
  • Vast experience in claim ID, provider ID, and other forms of data matching and validation – increase automation and pass-through
  • Mirror edits between your 837 and your paper/image HCFA/UB via our managed gateway
  • Routing to 3rd parties such as bill reviews system, including those with proprietary file formats
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Mailroom & Scanning

Smart Data Solutions mailroom is set-up to be customized for each client’s business rules in order to maximize automation and avoid having to adjust downstream processes or systems.  We can also manage your incoming fax and email documents without having to drop them to paper.

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Data Capture

P&C payers deal with a wide range of incoming document types. Whether you need your medical bills converted into 837 or some proprietary bill review system format, SDS has the experience. For your non-medical bills, SDS can capture the key index or processing data to save your adjustors time and reduce cost.

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Workflow Solutions

Once you’ve imaged your documents, converted paper to electronic files, or received native electronic files, your team is ready to ‘process’ the documents and data accordingly.  But why have your valuable resources tied up doing data entry or unnecessary document review? SDS provides a highly flexible, user based, workflow system that is customized per client.  Combined with our optional long-term archive system you can maximize your automation so that your adjustors and downstream partners only process what is ready.

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